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Close Circuit television system, not only enhance visibility over a range of distance, but are tailored to detect and recognize target objects and movement.

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Central Monitoring Station (CMS)

an advanced system network that receives alarm information or signals, processes them, and sends dispatch instructions to command personnel for actionable response to the alarm signals.

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Our ultimate vision is to make Africa, the Hub of 21st Century technology by creating first, heaven of peace; a secure and safe milieu appropriate for thinking, creativity and developments from the collection of appropriate technologies. Whatever stretches human resources, invites instruments of poverty. Little by little, poverty is a growing culture in Africa that must be eradicated. Terrorism and all manner of social violence have overstretched the human capacity of our security agents to be professional and effective. The collapse of the main building is the end of the rooms. Why sit we here till we perish?

A big leap with Techno Dynamics is the acquisition of the Central Monitoring Station (CMS); a security platform that allows flexible modeling of security network initiatives that support community policing, vigilante operations, professional policing, border & sea security and military operations. As we know, a successful security operation depends largely on the contributions of information from survey, intelligence and reconnaissance (SIAR). Our CMS is the solution platform that meets the security needs of individuals, homes, offices, industries, exclusives sites, large establishments, government establishments, market and shopping complexes, estates and dispersed settlements.  Moreover, our geo-location services are extended to mobile properties including animals, Cars, Buses, Humans, Lorries, Cargoes, and Goods.

As professional Security systems and Alarm installers, partnering with the biggest global manufacturers and distributors, we maintain standards and quality that cannot be compromised. We have ADEMCO trained engineers and technicians that make the difference


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